March 6, 2017

There are areas of your house where you probably do not care to spend a lot of time - namely your basement or crawl space!  This house had a little of both, and we had a crew that wasn't afraid to get down and dirty to make improvements.  

The Job:

Spray Foam Rim Joist in Basement and Add Insulation to Ceiling

Spray Foam Rim Joist in Crawl space, Add Insulation to Ceiling, Staple Typar to Air Seal, Install Vapor Barrier for Moisture Protection

The basement was the simple part.  It was an area of limited square footage but lots of space to stand and work.  Here are the before and after shots:

The crawl space was another story.  It was HUGE!  And the further back you travelled within it, the more cramped you were for space.  It is easy to take space to work for granted, but let me tell you - when you don't have it, you begin to appreciate the little things!  Suddenly a simple thing like forgetting a tool or a headlamp becomes a twenty minute project because it takes a long time just to shimmy your way out of the crawl space to retrieve it.  Not to mention, we found several snake skins lying around!  Now, as a woman I consider myself pretty tough.  Bugs don't bother me.  Rodents (as long as they aren't chewing on me) don't bother me.  But I'm not going to lie, snakes still give me the heebie jeebies.  I'm okay if I know ahead of time that one will be there.  But crawling into a dark space where there MIGHT be a snake?  Not my cup of tea.  In the end, I did spend a whole afternoon in the crawl space with the crew - but only after they had already spent a few days down there with no live snake sightings!

Here is a picture of what the crawl space looked like before we were there.

How do we work in those spaces?  We suit up in Tyvek and dive right in!  Here are a couple action shots - I'm sorry they are a bit blurry, but hey - remember the space the photographer had to work in to get them!

And then, of course, you have to give the guys a break so they can stand up for a minute or two...

After sixty man hours in the crawl space, the end result does feel pretty gratifying!  And you even can feel that satisfaction for days afterwards, especially in your knees and upper body!  Yikes!

Drum roll for the after pics!

We installed the vapor barrier and sealed the seams and the edges to prevent moisture from staying in the crawl space.  We added insulation to the floor and then stapled Typar to cover and air seal it.  This will prevent most cold air from entering the house from the crawl space.  It is now protected from top to bottom!  Plus, if you remember the "before" picture above, I think you would agree that it looks a lot more inviting too.  I'm not saying I would want to make my summer home in that crawl space, but it is definitely an improvement!

Does your house have a creepy crawly space that could use some improvement?  Call us today before those snakes come out of hibernation!  ;)