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Q&A About Skylights:

  1. Can I put a Tubular Skylight on a metal roof?
    Answer: No, these Skylights are only designed for a shingled roof.
  2. Does the pitch of my roof matter?
    Answer: If your pitch is steep, you should also order an elbow so the Skylight will fit flush to the roof.
  3. Do I need to order an extra light pipe?
    Answer: Your kit will come with a 2-foot light pipe. Measure the distance between the ceiling area for the light and the roof area for the light. Add 7” extra for the roof thickness. You will need to order enough light pipe to cover this distance. Maximum distance recommended is 18 – 20 feet.
  4. Can I put a Tubular Skylight in my vaulted ceiling? 
    Answer: Yes, you will need an extra elbow so the Skylight will fit flush to the roof.
  5. What if the Tubular Skylight is too bright for my room?
    Answer: Purchase a dimmer for your Skylight! That’s right; our dimmer is remote controlled to dim up to 95% of the solar light. Now you can use Tubular Skylights in bedrooms, living rooms and other areas you may want darkened sometimes. 
  6. Can I combine my Tubular Skylight with a bathroom vent fan?
    Answer: Yes, the 10” Skylight has a Vent Fan Kit that is a perfect solution for bathrooms.
Before Skylight 
After Skylight

Q&A About Solar Attic Fans

  1. solar attic fanWhere do I position my solar attic fan on my roof?
    Answer: The best place is on a sunny spot facing south, preferably about 2 ft. from the ridge of your roof.
  2. What if my roof doesn’t face south?
    Answer: Our solar panel is adjustable to tilt toward the sun, as long as you place it in a sunny spot that faces somewhat south. 
  3. What if the sunny spot on my roof is not in a good place for the vent?
    Answer: See if the solar gable fan will work for you. You can place your solar panel on your roof, and a 10’ adaptor cord will reach to your gable vent. 
  4. What if I already have attic venting?
    solar attic fan tile roofAnswer: If you have a ridge vent, the solar attic fan is not for you! If you have other types of roof and gable vents, the solar attic fan will help them cool your roof and attic in hot weather. 
  5. Why shouldn’t I get a solar attic fan if I have a ridge vent?
    Answer: The solar attic fan will cycle air in and out through your ridge vent without effectively pulling the heat and humidity out of your attic. 
  6. What about my roof rafters?
    Answer: Roof rafters are generally 16” or 24” apart. If your rafters are 16” apart, center the unit over a rafter, and the air will flow around the rafter. If your rafters are 24” apart, center the unit between your rafters. Don’t ever cut your rafters! 
  7. Should I let the solar attic fan work in cold winter weather?
    solar attic fanAnswer: For energy efficiency we strongly recommend buying a thermal switch for a few dollars more. This way the solar attic fan will only be powered in hot weather, and you will not lose heat in the wintertime. 
  8. What if I have a tiled roof?
    Answer: No problem, Natural Light makes special skirting and flashing for your tiled roof.