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Wind Energy

We Install Small Wind Generators!

wind energy, north central PAWind generators consist of a turbine engine driven by the spinning action of aerodynamic blades. The generator is mounted on a tower that is 35’ – 120’ high. Larger turbines require a higher minimum height. The higher the tower the better the wind will perform. The DC current produced usually runs to an inverter that changes the DC to AC power and connects to the electric panel box for the building. If grid-tied, an interconnection agreement must be filed with the electric company.

Or, a small wind generator can power a single DC application such as water pumping with DC battery storage.

Pennsylvania has enough wind in many locations to produce wind energy. It can be difficult and expensive to measure the wind resource with a scientific wind study. However, you can study wind maps in your location to help determine if you have a possible wind site.

The wind generators Solaire Energy installs are suitable for homes, farms and businesses. They range from 400 watts to 10 KW and can produce from 500 watt hours per day to 50 KW hours per day depending on the wind resource and the tower height. 

Indicators of a good wind site are:
• Wind map shows a wind power of 2 or more and a wind speed of 12 mph or greater.
• Large open area that is elevated
• View to northwest
• Trees that are bent windward from steady wind
• Enough distance from trees or high buildings that would disturb wind currents

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