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Is Your Unconditioned Basement Properly Separated From Your Living Space?

Consider this an extension of my post from earlier this week.  Same job, same home.  We addressed the ventilation so we could air seal and insulate.  The same day, we also addressed the basement.  I don't have a picture of the finished product here, but we did replace some insulation that was in pretty bad shape.

We also covered the basement window with rigid foam and sealed the edges with spray foam.  This seals the window so that colder air does not infiltrate into the basement.  Action shot!

We addressed the exterior door to the basement by adding latches and weatherstrip, again - to seal the door so that less air infiltrates the basement.

The most important disconnect we needed to make was between the basement door to the kitchen.  We installed rigid foam insulation and sealed the seams and edges to keep the warm air from the house from escaping through the stairs into the basement.  This can be very tedious when you have to deal with a lot of small angles!  Hey, another action shot!

Lastly, we insulated and weatherstripped the door itself.  Before and after shots!  The end result looks kind of space age cool if you ask me, and the benefit to your home can be great!

Now there is less air escaping from the heated (conditioned) home into your unheated (unconditioned) basement through the stairwell and the basement door.  This will increase your comfort in your home and also save you money!  Call us for more information about what we can do for you!


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looks cool. I wonder how the

looks cool. I wonder how the room inside has changed

Looks great

You have the hands of a true master. The ruins very quickly turn into something really beautiful, cozy, homely. I can only imagine what your other repairs look like. Great work!

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Good luck my friends this is hard work i will try like this job on my home tomorrow.

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