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How Energy Efficiency Can Improve Indoor Air Quality.

air qualityWhat does indoor air quality have to do with home energy efficiency? More than you might expect.

Many of today's homes are plagued with poor indoor air quality due to the combination of poor or insufficient ventilation, and other common building problems including moldy basements.

During a comprehensive home energy audit with a qualified energy auditor, your auditor will address indoor air quality issues within the larger scope of the project. Issues like moisture and mold will be addressed, ventilation will be measured and analyzed, and a plan to improve indoor air quality if the current air quality is poor will be developed.

For more information about how a home energy efficiency contractor can improve your home's indoor air quality, contact us!


Home Energy Efficiency

Whenever we build a house or we move to a new house. We must watch out all the condition of that particular house, which includes home interior and exterior condition, energy efficiency conditions, and many others. Home indoor air quality all depends on the good energy efficiency condition and therefore, we should do the energy audit. So during moving to a new house, we should go through the home conditions and completely the energy audit systems.

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